LM Renews Its Commitment to Animal Welfare

Litera Meat’s facilities are designed to comply with the current legislation on Animal Welfare, an aspect which we have always considered a priority, as evidenced by the award of the Welfair™ Certificate, a widely recognised certification that reflects the involvement and commitment of our company. The excellent reports obtained in the annual audits are a reflection of our constant concern for the pursuit of excellence, which has led us to implement exceptional measures to increase the degree of Animal Welfare in our facilities.

The pursuit of optimal animal welfare forms a part of Litera Meat’s philosophy and in this regard, our meat plant incorporates different measures to support the protection and comfort of animals from reception, such as its special unloading mechanism that uses hydraulic platforms to ease the animals’ way up to lairage and prevents them from getting hurt. Moreover, the Company provides training within its own training centre, authorised by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and the Environment to teach three educational modules on Animal Welfare.

We have strengthened our commitment to Animal Welfare since we believe that taking care of animals is also our responsibility and we will continue to convey the importance of contributing added value to our end product, because investing in Animal Welfare is investing in quality.