In August 2019, Litera Meat’s training centre was approved by the National Employment Institute (INAEM) and, since then, it has official authorisation to issue professionality certificates related to the food industry.

Litera Meat’s training centre is in charge of providing personnel with the necessary knowledge to guarantee an optimal and safe performance of the different tasks, promoting in turn individual professional growth and specialisation for the different specific positions.

During the first year of operations, the company’s training centre has been granted the authorisation to teach a wide range of courses, which turned it into a reference training entity, since until now many specialisations were not offered in the province of Huesca.

The training area of Litera Meat promotes knowledge update within its own work team, but it is in turn a training centre that is open to all those who are interested in taking training on issues related to the meat industry.

The heads of various departments are in charge of planning the different training programmes, promoting interactive learning and trainees participation and teamwork.

“Talent management is a guarantee for growth”


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Auxiliary Manufacture Operations in the Food Industry

Auxiliary Maintenance and Internal Transport Operations in the Food Industry

Auxiliary and Storage Operations in Factories and Chemical Laboratories

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Assistance in Sanitary Controls within Slaughterhouses and Cutting Plants

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