Litera Meat and the SDGs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps a company be socially accountable – to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. Right from start-up, Litera Meat has been dedicated to developing a CSR plan with the aim of promoting the growth and projection of the local community, making a social commitment and fostering values and strategies which account for an ethical and transparent position. Litera Meat participates in differents social projects, establishing a commitment to our territory and promoting positive values. The Social Responsibility efforts of our business become part of company culture and recently Litera Meat has presented its memory of Aragon Social Responsibility (RSA).

The SDGs represent a path to sustainable development in which common action and innovation are key. Litera Meat commits to actively incorporate environmental, social and good management criteria for all business processes, products and services while considering the impact on society and thus on the community in which it operates. Contribute in this way with the sustainability of the Company itself and the development of the societies in which these criteria are implemented.